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Cherry Blossom season in D.C. is one of the most beautiful times of year to visit the Capital, and is a bucket list item for any traveler! Donated as a gift from the People of Japan to the People of the United States in 1912, the cherry blossom tree or "sakura" is a historic Japanese symbol of the ephemeral nature of life - how the cherry blossoms bloom beautifully, but only for a short period of time. Your tour guide will fill you in on tons of fascinating facts and stories about the history of these iconic trees, including the tension surrounding them during World War II.
This Segway tour is a great way to cruise around D.C. to enjoy many of the highlights, with the added bonus of the cherry blossom beauty. As always, we make plenty of stops on tour to ensure you capture that picture-perfect moment. Some of our favorite stunning photo opportunities to enjoy the blossoms are along the Tidal Basin, surrounding the Jefferson Memorial, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and the FDR Memorial.
Please note, there are three things we can't control on this tour: the weather, the crowds, and how many cherry blossoms have bloomed. We schedule this tour in conjuction with the official Cherry Blossom Festival, which is forecasted and determined by the National Park Service. This is typically announced about a month or more out from "peak bloom", which is simply a term that refers to the expected day when at least 70% of the flowers are out. In years past, peak bloom has been as early as mid-March to as late as mid-April. That being said, the days and week surrounding peak bloom are just as beautiful!

Cherry Blossom Segway Tour

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