Tokyo welcomes art lovers, foodies, architecture gurus, wildlife aficionados, and spiritual seekers. From shrines and temples to a bustling nightlife scene, there is something in the Japanese capital for everyone. It can be overwhelming to try and see it all, so allow our local guides to lead you to the essential Tokyo sites.

If you're lucky enough to visit the city during the Cherry Blossom season, you can experience Tokyo amidst a veil of pink flowers. Or, escape for a day to get a glimpse of Mount Fuji; another natural wonder worth the trip. For those more interested in Japanese culture, the food, fashion, and nightlife are not to be missed. Visit the famous Tsukiji Fish Market, sip a sake in the Roppongi neighborhood, or see the latest trends in Harajuku.

What's more than the array of things to do and see is the Japanese culture, preserved and cherished since Tokyo was known as Edo. Allow us to elevate your Tokyo experience through history, insights, and helpful tips during one of our guided tours. Our Tokyo West-Side Cycling & Food Tour is a one-stop-shop for everything that makes this city unique. See and experience bustling neighborhoods and try local specialties that will make your local sushi bar a distant memory. For more seasoned riders, join us on our Classic Tokyo Road Bike Tour and enjoy a longer ride through the city and its surroundings. Biking Tokyo is the perfect way to take in all the magic and culture that our unique and beautiful city has to offer; we can't wait to show you around!