Private Royal London Bike Tour

If you’re new to London or even if you already know all the words to ‘God Save The King’, this guided private bike tour has something for you!

Live guide
Helmet (provided but optional)
Food and drinks

If you’re new to London or even if you already know all the words to "God Save The King", this guided bike tour has something for you! Whether talking about kings, queens, princes and princesses, palaces, parks and parliament, or battles and their heroes and villains, our knowledgeable tour guides will entertain you with the most poignant, fascinating and often downright absurd London stories, while our comfortable bikes and smooth route make cycling between sites fun and undemanding. You will take in Royal Palaces and world-famous sites with ease and peddle away from them feeling like an expert in all things London. We do not simply see things on our tours; we aim to leave you with an understanding of them that goes beyond the usual basic explanations. The Royal Parks are often referred to as the lungs of London, so we will make sure that you breath in fresh air and fascinating facts throughout our tour, and halfway through the tour, we’ll take a break alongside the lovely Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park where you can relax over lunch, chat with friends and watch the swans and geese before setting off again. This tour is a great place to start your London adventure, and we have found over the years that taking The Royal London Tour early in your trip is the best possible way to get a grounding in the city. After your tour, our friendly staff will be able to give you pointers and help in planning the rest of your adventure. Whether you come loaded with questions or as a complete beginner, let us take you on a journey through our glorious past and present. From the homes of Her Majesty to the very centre of government, we have you covered. If you are only going to do one tour in London, make sure it is this one!

Private Royal London Bike Tour
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