Bucharest is Romania's capital city, center of commerce, historical icon, and booming tech center. Known as the 'Paris of the east', the city's charm is thanks to its Art Nouveau architecture and French-inspired boulevards. The Palace of the Parliament sits majestically at the end of Unirii boulevard. This communist-era masterpiece is a relic of the Ceaușescu regime of the 1980's. This gargantuan building along with the array of quirky architecture throughout the city makes it the perfect place to explore.

Romania's history is wrought with occupations and cultural reconfigurations. Bucharest has been the center of many transformations. From the Wallachia region's origins in the 14th century to its current post-Soviet state, it's maintained a little bit of each cultural shift. The communist buildings that still line the streets are indications of a not-so-long-ago history much different from modern Bucharest. The 'Little Paris' charm seen throughout the boulevards and modern architecture tell and altogether different story. Bucharest is home to many ideas, cultures, and ways of life.

It's not easy getting a feel for this big-little city, but we've designed two tours to introduce you to the intricacies of Bucharest. If you're short on time, join us for our Bucharest Highlights Bike Tour, where we'll show you the must-see landmarks of the city. We'll introduce you to the city's history and culture so that you can better understand and appreciate your visit. For a more in-depth look, check out our Bucharest Half-Day Bike Tour. Your local guide will cover all the major neighborhoods of the city, including the famous Gypsy/Roma enclaves in Ferentari. Get an insider's view into the daily here, and immerse yourself in Romanian culture.