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The city of light, a romantic escape, a haven for artists, and a city with perhaps the most enduring allure of all of Europe. The magic of Paris is that the city transforms itself for the visitor. Consider yourself a foodie? You can visit endless cafés, bistros, and Michelin starred restaurants, or simply pop into your local bakery and enjoy a fresh-out-of-the-oven baguette on a park bench. Curious about history? Many of Paris' iconic monuments survived World War II, showcasing bullet-holes that remind us of the occupation. Looking for a stroll? Head to the Luxembourg Gardens and meander your way through the perfectly manicured trees and flowerbeds while gazing upon the French Senate. Paris has so many sides that are waiting to be discovered.

We would love to show your our version of Paris. We'll ride by the Eiffel Tower, stopping for photos and stories before making our way towards the Seine River. The Louvre sits majestic in the city-center, just down the Champs-Élysées from the Arc de Triomphe. Notre Dame, although damaged by the 2019 fire, still stands tall on Ile de la Cité. The golden dome of Les Invalides, Napoleon's final resting place, also graces the Parisian landscape. Each of these sites tells a story, and we hope that you will allow us to share this story with you.

Our Paris Day Bike Tour helps you get acquainted with the city, but its a great half-day tour for those new to Paris as well as veterans. Cruising on a comfortable city bike, Paris seems to spring to life. Our Night Bike Tour offers a different feel, as we head into the heart of the Latin Quarter to get a taste of Parisian nightlife. Our Versailles Bike Tour is the perfect day trip from Paris. With skip the line access into the palace and a full day of biking through the famous Versailles gardens, you are sure to come away with a greater appreciation for this historic city.