The second largest German city, Hamburg is an icon of the country's economic prosperity. It's best known as a port town thanks to its prime location along the Elbe river. Today, it's also the hub of German journalism. From newspapers to television to online media, Hamburg is home to the majority of publications.

Above all, Hamburg is famous for it's iconic Port of Hamburg. The harbor area has given rise to commercial centers, pedestrianized infrastructure, and tourist-friendly attractions. The 'HafenCity', as it's known by the locals, is sometimes called the Gateway to Germany. Centered in the Warehouse district, this easily walkable area is the highlight of any trip to Hamburg.

Once can't miss Elbphilharmonie when visiting Hamburg; this addition topped the Grasbrook peninsula in 2017. Its architecture sets it apart from the otherwise red brick buildings lining the port. It's innovation and use (home to the Hamburg Philharmonic) is an excellent metaphor for the city itself; new building on the old.

Further from the port, one can become enchanted with Alster Lakes, or visit the St. Pauli football stadium. Perhaps you'd like to see the world-renowned Ohlsdorf cemetery or visit St. James' Church. We would love to show you the major sites of Hamburg, and there's no better way to see everything than by bike! Join us for our Hamburg Highlights Bike Tour and visit the city with a local. You won't regret it!