Croissant Baking Class

Learn How to Bake a True French Croissant in Paris
In this class you will learn step-by-step how to masterfully make the hero of French breakfasts. There are a lot of steps in making croissants, and we will break them down for you so you feel confident enough to make them on your own when you go back home. Firstly, you will learn how to make your own starter, also known as poolish. You will practice all the turns necessary to make a true French croissant, and learn the difference between a croissant au beurre and a croissant ordinaire. You will learn all the tricks to roll croissants into their characteristic shape and what type of chocolate to use for Pain au Chocolat. After baking your creations and eating the freshest croissant you will ever have in your life, we will sit down at the table to continue tasting them alongside tea and coffee while we share some of our stories about French culture.
At the end of our time together you will leave with a box full of delicious croissants - whether or not you choose to share them or enjoy them all to yourself is up to you!

Croissant Baking Class
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