Sunset Versailles Bike Tour with Fireworks

Our Versailles Sunset Bike Tour is an experience you will remember for life – a magical evening and the chance to see Versailles in the glow of sunset. For a limited number of Saturdays in the summer, the gardens will be brought to life with special effects, music, lighting, and a stunning fireworks display.

You’ll start by meeting your guide in central Paris to help you get out to Versailles by train. Once we grab our bikes, we’ll ride over to the market square where we will point out bakeries and shops where you can buy food for a snack later in the day. We’ll be providing a glass of bubbly for everyone that we can enjoy together, along the Grand Canal.

The grounds of Versailles are massive and most people miss out on them because they are too far to explore by foot. We will easily bike through tree-lined trails and paths, taking in the majestic views.

We’ll stop to point out Marie Antoinette’s hamlet, giving you all the history and back stories on royal life at Versailles, including its three most important kings. Your expert Fat Tire guide will bring the fascinating history of the French royalty and the palace to life, in the fun manner that has made our signature Versailles Bike Tour so famous.

We’ll then stop at the Petit Trianon and Grand Trianon before heading over to the Grand Canal, where we’ll stop for a quick snack break and a glass of bubbly that we can toast as a group! With the sprawling chateau as our view, it’s the perfect photo opportunity.

After a brief pause, it will be time to visit the chateau with our pre-reserved entry time (forget those hours-long lines). We’ll get to access to the chateau after hours, when all the crowds have exited. You’ll get to avoid the normally wall-to-wall packed rooms and enjoy plenty of space to view the royal grandeur with a limited number of people. You’ll also get to see costumed performers as they dance, sing, and play musical instruments within the chateau rooms. The performance includes singing, dancing, and a fencing/fighting demonstration; please note that while all speaking takes place in French, it is easy to follow the storyline and enjoy the performances.

But the best part is yet to come! After your chateau visit, you’ll enter the gardens for a spectacular evening fountain show. Each of the best groves of the garden have the fountains running (they normally only run for a couple hours per day), and they will be filled with music and special effects.

You’ll get to see Versailles at its very best – at sunset, with limited people inside the palace, and with the magical fountain show. At the end of the evening, you’ll be wowed by a spectacular fireworks display over the Grand Canal. This is the best way to experience Versailles and an evening you’ll never forget.

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Sunset Versailles Bike Tour with Fireworks
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