Custom Private Barcelona Bike Tour

Whether traveling alone or with friends, our City Bike Tour is the absolute best way for the fun-loving visitor to explore and experience the incredible architecture and fascinating history of Barcelona. On the City Bike Tour, you will enjoy the company of our knowledgeable and entertaining tour guides, the use of a comfortable and easy to ride bike, useful tips and advice to make the most of your time in Barcelona, a fun and informative outdoor experience, a chance to meet other travellers and simply the best day of your Barcelona visit. The City Bike Tour includes many of the most popular tourist attractions and provides an ideal orientation and overview of Barcelona. For tours departing in the morning, we make a stop late in the tour at a beach bar (cost not included) to relax a bit and enjoy the opportunity to mingle with your fellow bikers, while taking in the sights and atmosphere of the Mediterranean. We’re looking forward to showing you a great time in our captivating city!

Custom Private Barcelona Bike Tour
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