Barcelona Tapas Tour

Enjoy this Barcelona Night Tapas Tour
Enjoy a magical Spanish night out in Barcelona by experiencing the fun and tasty culture of visiting tapas bars! We take all the intimidation away and give you all the fun on this walking tour. Your local guide will show you some of the best tapas bars in Barcelona, how to order, and the rich culture and history that goes alongside it. The Barcelona Tapas Tour is a perfect activity for the start of your trip so that you can learn exactly what to do, how to do it, and of course, what to eat! You can then take this knowledge with you for the rest of your trip.
We’ll start our stroll by bringing you to a neighborhood gem – a specialty gourmet store that is filled with all kinds of Spanish delights. You’ll feel you’ve almost stepped back in time, and we’ll sample one of their in-house specialties. Next, we’ll dive into a favorite true bodega for tapas in the old historic center. It’s a favorite for a reason, and as you’ll see, this place is always packed and bustling with locals and visitors alike. They specialize in making Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) and have been entertaining patrons with tasty tapas dishes since 1929. We’ll order some delicious plates and enjoy their special Cava as we clink glasses to an evening out.
Up next is a little restaurant known by foodies and locals, and they make small plates based on Catalan cooking with a twist. We’ll try a few mouthwatering dishes of their cuisine alongside a glass or two of local Catalan wine. Your guide will give you the history of the neighborhood, the tradition of “tapas” themselves, and will point out some fascinating historical spots along the way. Our last stop is the perfect end to a fun evening eating our way through town. The chefs use local ingredients from the restaurant’s own farm, and the dessert is to die for. Food and drinks are included in the tour, along with your fun and entertaining guide to lead you along.
Why sit at one restaurant, when you can have a full evening out in several of Barcelona's best tapas bars? Come and learn how to take part in this great cultural experience with a memorable night out walking and eating your way through historic Barcelona.

Barcelona Tapas Tour
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